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Metro Proposes Land Purchase For New Police Precinct

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-01 12:28:03-04

Officials with the Metro Finance Department’s Division of Public Property Administration said they’re looking into purchasing property for a new Southeast Police Precinct for the Metro Nashville Police Department.

They proposed buying five parcels of property from the Sears Holding Corporation at the site of the former Kmart in the 2400 block of Murfreesboro Pike. 

“This vacant storefront and associated properties offer Nashville a unique opportunity to invest in the Antioch community in a way that will strengthen our efforts to keep the residents of the community and all of Nashville safe,” said Mayor Megan Barry. “While there is much to be discussed going forward, both Chief Steve Anderson and District Councilmember Tanaka Vercher believe this is the best possible location for a new precinct to serve the Southeast Nashville area.”  

An ordinance has been filed with Metro Council and the Planning Commission by the administration. Click here to read the full ordinance.

The five parcels mentioned can be found at 2419, 2491, 2501, and 2505 Murfreesboro Pike and 2705 Highmeadows Drive.

Officials said the proposal was for a price that would not exceed $7.45 million.

With the passage of the ordinance, the Director of Public Property Administration would be allowed to finalize negotiations with the property owners, thus acquiring the property.

“I am grateful to Mayor Barry and Chief Anderson for their commitment to the Antioch community,” said Councilmember Vercher. “My constituents are ready to embrace a new police precinct in our district because we believe that public safety is critical to our future success as a community and is essential to a great quality of life.” 

According to reports, the project was identified in the budget and spending plan for fiscal year 2016, and it was passed by the Metro Council in 2015.

Authorities said further funds may be needed once the lands has been purchased to fully design and complete the project.

Officials with Metro said they’ve also considered the property for a new Emergency Communications Center.  

"The continuing strong growth of South Nashville makes the Murfreesboro Road section of Antioch a prime strategic location for our 9th precinct," Chief Steve Anderson said.  "I look forward to working with Mayor Barry and Council Member Vercher to expand neighborhood public safety partnerships as we plan for a new precinct and all of the positives it will bring to this community.”