Missing Class Ring Found 11 Years Later

Posted at 11:18 PM, Nov 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 00:35:29-05

A local musician who lost a meaningful high school graduation ring got it back eleven years after it went missing. 

Clayton Quisenberry's graduating class at Dawson Springs High School in Kentucky was 62. His 2004-05 class ring symbolized his small hometown and high school accomplishments. 

Quisenberry moved to a house in Goodlettsville the year he graduated, but would eventually lose the ring. 

"I lived there two more years after I lost the ring and looked for it," Quisenberry told NewsChannel 5. "My friend even came over with a metal detector but never found it."

More than a decade later, Quisenberry, a now 31-year-old country music artist, was surprised when he received an unthinkable message on Facebook. 

"Someone asked if I graduated from Dawson Springs because he mysteriously found a graduation ring with my name on it in his front yard," Quisenberry recalled.

The man who found the ring was 23-year-old Andre Gillespie who lives at the house where Quisenberry used to in Goodlettsville.

He simply found it in the front yard as his children were playing. Gillespie kept it for several months when he was curious at work one day.

"I wondered whose ring this was," Gillespie said. "It isn't worth a whole lot, but it has a lot of sentimental value so it must mean a lot to him."



Quisenberry reunited with his ring and felt so touched that Gillespie would go out of his way to reach out that he hosted a pizza party on Sunday to thank him.

"Instead of meeting me and giving me the ring back, let's make it a party," Quisenberry added. "It meant a lot to me and hit me in the heart."