Nashville Housing Market Hot Despite National Slowing Holiday Trend

Posted at 6:51 PM, Dec 09, 2016

Small business owner and broker Elizabeth Gatlin has been entrenched in the housing market as of late. While the holiday season has typically slowed down, in her words this year "there's not rest for the weary."

"This is the first year where we've experienced a continued momentum through the holiday season back since 2008," said Gatlin. 

With 100 plus people moving to Nashville every day, a strong economy, and a vibrant city center, Music City continues to prove why it's become the "it" city.

"We've kind of got the best of all worlds, so why wouldn't you want to move here," asked Gatlin. 

Broker and Co-Owner of The Re/Max Collection, Debra Beagle, said the push to live in the urban core has been gaining steam since the late 80's. New condo units and cranes showed that trend has been far from slowing down.

"Our property taxes are lower than other parts of the country, and businesses are coming here," said Beagle. 

She said Nashville doesn't have enough inventory to keep up with the amount of new residents coming in, and despite home prices rising, the market has been as hot as ever.

"For us right now, December is going to be our biggest month that we've ever had," Beagle said. 

Across the nation, the housing bubble may be close to bursting. In Nashville, however, the market showed it will hold strong for years to come.

"The bubble is not going to burst here in Nashville, I truly feel that way," said Beagle. 

"I think that locally we will continue to see growth even if the bubble does pop," Gatlin said. 

Brokers said Nashville's projected growth has been expected to continue for the next 30 years.