Nashville Man's Car Picked Up By Rising Floodwaters

Posted at 8:55 AM, Jul 07, 2016

As floodwaters began to recede across northern Davidson County, residents started the long process of assessing the damage left behind by early morning flooding. One man’s car was even picked up while he was trying to navigate a flooded road.

The situation was particularly dangerous for residents along Ewingdale Drive, located not far from Briley Parkway, as Ewing Creek began to rise.

At one point, water began spilling over the banks of the creek onto the roadway.

Sean Patterson was less than a mile away from home when his Chevrolet Impala was picked up like a small boat and pushed down the street. He managed to escape.

"It was kind of an illusion. I didn’t realize how deep it was until I got into it. It’s just hard to tell when it’s nighttime and it’s raining hard,” Patterson said. “Plus, I was so close to the house. I was like ‘I can make it.’”

"I wanted to put it in reverse and get out of it but it was too," he added.

However, officials weren't taking any chances. They brought out a number of rescue boats anticipating the waters would keep rising and some homeowners would need rescuing.  

Although some residents were trapped, no one needed to be rescued, nor was anyone hurt.

Debris could be see accumulating along the banks of the creek. 

Residents say flooding is a constant problem in their neighborhood during heavy rains.

"More than frustration, you can’t even move. Who’s gonna buy a flooded house? I wouldn’t want to sell a flooded house to anyone," homeowner Ivan Coffman said.