Residents Forced To Avoid Growing Sinkhole

Posted at 5:07 PM, Jan 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-16 23:41:06-05

A walkway that stretches around a neighborhood near Clarksville has given residents who live there easy access to the outdoors. It's the perfect running path until residents reach the area behind Stacy and Robert Bendt's home.

Caution tape and orange barriers have blocked residents from falling into a massive hole, but it didn't start that way. The Bendt's said they noticed a depression in the land ten months ago.

"But quickly that depression expanded," said Robert Bendt. 

It continued to get worse as the weeks passed.

"When we had several rains it began to get deeper and deeper and deeper," Bendt said.

The Bendt's called officials in Montgomery County for help and learned their homeowner's association and its managing company were responsible for the land.

News Channel 5 reached out to the president of the homeowner's association, and he said he's trying to work on it but does not have a comment at this time.

"It's become a danger to children in the neighborhood," Stacy Bendt said. 

They have feared it will take an accident before action is done.

"Thank goodness there's been no incidents, no one has been hurt, and we would like to see it fixed before there's an incident that happens," Robert said. 

During the summer months, the management company did send workers to do some excavation and put up larger barriers, but no one has been back since.

"Still nothing has been done, and we're discouraged about it," said Stacy. 

The management company that has overseen the homeowner's association is based out of Nashville, but due to the weekend hours no one could be reached for a comment Saturday.