Neighbors Protest 'Tiny Village' On Church Land

Posted at 5:18 PM, Apr 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-02 19:03:51-04

Neighbors organized a picket to protest a Tiny Village planned for empty property at Glencliff United Methodist church in South Nashville.

The Village at Glencliff will house some of Nashville's neediest homeless, but the micro homes will sit right in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and not all neighbors have been supportive.

"If this isn’t done correctly we’re going to have another Fort Negley," said Bill Durkin, a resident who has opposed the project. "This entire neighborhood will be rife with campsites and the things that come with it."

But project organizers offered assurances that the project will include security and on-site care coordinators to help keep the village clean and safe.

Ingrid McIntyre, who has been leading the project on behalf of the nonprofit Open Table Nashville, organized project supporters to meet at Glencliff United Methodist in response to the picketers. Supporters formed a prayer circle on the land where the Tiny Village will be built.

"Just asking for prayer, asking for strength for this journey that we’re on," McIntyre said. "Mostly asking for a welcoming, hospitable community for our friends to be a part of."

But picketers argued that a majority of supporters don't even attend Glencliff UMC or live near the church.

"That’s what we call social justice street theater," Durkin said. "This is a recipe for disaster."

Open Table Nashville has hoped to begin construction on the micro homes sometime in July.