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New Developments Emerge Regarding Evidence In Holly Bobo Murder Case

Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-04 19:40:45-04

There's nothing to link the gun to the murder of Holly Bobo. That's just part of what we've learned about evidence in the high-profile murder case.

Now indications have shown that any last second plea talks have stalled, and, barring any new bizarre twist, the case will finally go to trial in one week.

There are six plus years of evidence, interviews, and paperwork -- all collected by the TBI investigating the murder of Holly Bobo -- has been sifted through by attorneys from both sides.

The question has remained: Does any of it convict Zach Adams?

"The state has been very clear in their discussions with me that there is no DNA that links Holly Bobo to Zachary Adams," said Adams' attorney Jennifer Thompson back in February.

The TBI did recover Bobo's remains, but Thompson said forensic testing came up empty.

"So there's no DNA that matches... Yes, and I'm comfortable that's accurate," said Thompson at the time.

But since then, prosecutors produced a gun -- an Arminus model 32 caliber long revolver.

They also indicated there appears to be a bullet wound to Bobo's skull. So, is it the murder weapon? Did it belong to Adams?

Sources told NewsChannel 5 the gun was badly rusted. No DNA or fingerprints were recovered, and there's no way to do a ballistics test to link it to the bullet wound.

So, what will the prosecution have at trial?

"At this point, it may be a circumstantial case with no direct evidence linking Adams to the murder of Bobo," said NewsChannel 5 Legal Analyst Nick Leonardo.

Leonardo said that doesn't mean you can't get a conviction for first degree murder.

"The state will tout we don't have DNA, but we do have witnesses," Leonardo added.

Prosecutors already granted co-defendant Jason Autry and four others limited immunity to testify against Adams. Will that be enough?

Thompson said there's not the evidence to convict, and her client never considered a plea deal.

"He's maintained his innocence," said Thompson.

While the evidence to convict may be unclear, the defense does worry about the jury.

In fact, they've asked for another change in venue believing that the current jury pool out of Hardin County already believes Adams is guilty.

There will be one final motions hearing on Friday. If there are no further delays, jury selection will begin Saturday with the trial beginning on Monday.

NewsChannel 5 will be providing gavel to gavel coverage live on NewsChannel 5 Plus and streaming here online.

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