Noshville In Midtown Closes Doors For Last Time

Posted at 6:09 PM, Dec 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-27 19:09:31-05

A Nashville landmark served its last customer on Sunday after being open for 19 years.

Noshville in Midtown on Broadway has been an authentic New York Delicatessen that has become a must visit for out-of-towners and locals alike, but after selling the land it sits on, the restaurant decided to serve their last dish Sunday.

Director of Operations Glen Smith met his wife while working at Noshville, and he said for those who eat at Noshville, it’s a special experience, but those who work at Noshville call it a second home.

“They all wanted to work this shift,” Smith said of those working on Sunday. “They really wanted to be here today and say bye to their customers that they’ve got to know so well through the years.”

One of those customers was Mary Lee. “We started coming here as a place to go after Church,” Lee said of her husband and herself, who have been sitting at the same place every Sunday for years. “I hate that it’s [Noshville] going, because there’s some friends we won’t see as often because this is where we gathered Sunday morning.”

One of the friends Lee met was 92-year-old Ruth, who carpooled to Noshville every Sunday with Lee to grab a bite to eat and chat with the friendly staff.

“They’re more than just staff or our waitresses or waiters,” Lee explained. “They become like friends.”

Noshville has welcomed Country Music stars, athletes, and actors, but those who will be missed the most were the regulars who spent time every week at a place that’s “an eating experience, not just a place to eat.”

The Noshville locations in Green Hills and at the Nashville International Airport have been set to remain open.