Enforcement Increased After Officers Assaulted

Posted at 1:36 PM, Apr 13, 2016

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department have stepped up enforcement following recent assaults on two police officers.

Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson said during a press conference Wednesday attacks on officers are "unacceptable and will not be tolerated by this city."

In an effort to combat the recent violence. The Chief Anderson said the department would be taking steps toward safety and peaceful resolutions in the Cayce Homes area.

  • Reverend Michael Joyner from Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church and his colleagues in the clergy will work to establish a presence in the Cayce community to reduce tensions and work toward a non-violent resolution to disputes.
  • East Precinct Flex Officers from all three shifts will be assigned to the Cayce neighborhood for at least the next several days.
  • The MDHA Task Force (5 officers and 1 sgt. assigned to public housing communities) will be working exclusively in Cayce Homes until further notice.
  • A crime reduction initiative, staffed by extra-duty officers being paid overtime, is being implemented in this area for at least the next several days.
  • One, probably two, Sky Cop mobile camera systems will be set up in Cayce homes Wednesday. One will be deployed to the specific area where the officers were attacked on Monday and Tuesday nights.
  • In an effort to increase the safety of the community and our police officers, patrolling will be taking place in pairs.

Also Wednesday, Mayor Megan Barry released the following statement through social media:

Those with the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency released the following statement Wednesday:

"We are working with Metro Police, the District Attorney’s Office and the Mayor’s Office on this matter, and we continue to invest in security measures at our properties. Our plans include adding several hundred new outdoor cameras on our properties, including 150 here at Cayce Place in 2016. We also have an MDHA Task Force, which is made up of Metro Police officers who patrol our properties.

In addition to our efforts, Metro Police is adding extra security measures at Cayce Place to enhance the safety of our families, members of the community and Metro Police.

Our thoughts go out to the two officers and their families."

The first incident happened around 9:15 p.m. Monday on South 7th Street when Officer Josh Hausman was stabbed while trying to break up a large fight near the James A. Cayce Homes area.

Police said they gave verbal commands to the crowd, who was between the ages of 16-20.

Hausman was working to break up an altercation between two females when he was stabbed in the hand.

He said it’s unknown if he was the intended target or if the suspect was trying to stab someone else.

Then Tuesday evening, the 2015 Metro Nashville Police Officer of the Year was injured while trying to make an arrest in east Nashville.

Officer Matthew Cammarn responded to a shots fired and domestic call Tuesday evening, also at James A. Cayce Homes.

When he arrived, he witnessed 22-year-old Brian Shannon reportedly assault a female. Cammarn intervened and wrestled Shannon to the ground while a group of men started hitting the officer over the head.

A video of the struggle surfaced on social media. Officials with the police department said they were aware of the video and were looking into it.

WARNING: Video Contains Graphic Images & Language


Officer Cammarn was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center but was released Wednesday morning.

Police said Shannon and a 17-year-old juvenile were both arrested at the scene and are facing numerous charges.