Policies Under Review After Juveniles Handcuffed

Posted at 3:56 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 23:55:08-04

An internal committee has released a report after several juveniles in Murfreesboro were handcuffed and arrested.

The incident took place April 15 at Hobgood Elementary School. An internal After Action Review Committee was set up at the direction of Chief of Police Karl Durr.

Those on the committee said they set out to determine if the officers’ actions were in compliance with policies and procedures. They also wanted to figure out which areas needed improvement for the future, including reviewing policies, procedures, and training issues that may need review.

Determining if internal communications channels functioned properly was also a goal they set.

In a finalized report released Thursday, those on the committee said the arrests were undertaken after ten petitions were issued by the Judicial Commissioner. Taken into custody during the investigation were juveniles ranging in age from 9 to 12 years old.

The committee confirmed no child under the age of 9 was arrested during the investigation.

View the full report by clicking here.

The committee went on to add four juveniles were taken into custody at Hobgood Elementary School. One was handcuffed and a second was taken out of handcuffs after being placed in the police car.

The added two other juveniles were taken from the school and were not placed in handcuffs at any point.

According to the report, one of those juveniles was mistakenly taken to Juvenile Detention. That juvenile was immediately released when authorities discovered no petition existed for this juvenile.

The committed identified the following policies that may require revision:

  • Handcuffing and Transporting Prisoners
  • Juvenile Operations
  • School Safety and Education Officers

“Upon review of the After-Action Committee report, I remain committed to addressing all concerns and policy issues identified,” said Chief Durr. “This report is not the end of this investigation. The Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting an internal affairs investigation regarding this incident. Accountability is key to maintaining public trust and confidence, and just as we are accountable to the community, our supervisors and officers are accountable to the policies of the agency.”

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department were assisting in the internal investigation and also providing a peer review.

Input was being collected as far as discussion on policies changes from a pastoral committee.

The Internal Association of Chiefs of Police also offered sample policies that were being taken into consideration.

“Improved policies will be in place very quickly,” Durr continued. “We have, and will continue to involve the community in the decisions regarding policy development. We are committed to excellence and strive to be a model law enforcement agency in Tennessee.”

Officials confirmed one officer has been placed on paid administrative leave.

According to those close to the case, some said they expect all charges to be dropped against the students -- except one -- when they go to Juvenile Court later in May.