Pro-Life Advocates Want Planned Parenthood Defunded

Posted at 6:14 PM, Apr 29, 2017

Pro-life advocates hit the streets in Nashville and across the country to protest Planned Parenthood.

The advocates said they would like to see the government funding that Planned parenthood receives go to other women's health care providers that offer more services for women and do not perform abortions.

Pro-life advocates not only protested for change, but they also prayed for change outside of the Planned Parenthood in Nashville.

Advocates said for those women who choose life, they don't leave those women stranded.

"We don't abandon the women who go in. If they decide for life, we want to walk with them the whole way. We don't just say abortion is wrong and then leave them," said Marilyn Cox.

Planned Parenthood offers other services for women, but the clinic has been the nation's largest abortion provider.