Recent Injuries Bring Attention To Amusement Rides

Posted at 4:19 PM, Aug 10, 2016

A  911 call was made shortly after three girls fell from a Ferris wheel in Greeneville, and a mechanical issue was to blame for the 30 foot drop.

Now county fair inspectors have been on high alert for any issue with the rides.

Tennessee has required companies to hire third party contractors to inspect the amusement rides. The state has not had its own inspectors to check out the family attractions due to a lack of funding.

"Safety is first, and it starts at the top. I feel safety brings a complete different atmosphere because if you're really preaching safety, there's things not laying, it's clean, and there's no trip hazards," said Mike Neighbors, of Drew Exposition.

When asked what the state would tell a mother who has been concerned about allowing her children on these rides, those with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development suggested that "the mother should exercise the same personal responsibility and parental caution as she would before allowing her child to participate in any activity."

"As far as safety and everything, you really want to protect yourself, and you really don't want to get anyone else hurt," said Neighbors.

According to the state, rides have been inspected annually to obtain a permit, and have also been inspected after an accident. But outside inspectors said they check the equipment daily.