Sheep Hired By Metro Water Services

Posted at 7:23 PM, Apr 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-02 00:36:54-04

In an effort to save money, Metro Water Services has hired sheep!

They’ve contracted with the Nashville Chew Crew in order to remove brush and tall grass from the Metro Center Levee.

Authorities said a flock of about 50 sheep, including both adults and young lambs, arrived at the levee on Saturday to begin what they called “vegetation management.”

The owner of the Nashville Chew Crew installed a temporary fence and shade protection. Those will be moved along the levee as the sheep complete their work.

Two trained guardian dogs, named Sturgill and Reba, were accompanying the sheep 24 hours a day for safety and security purposes.

Typically it’s been costly to maintain the vegetation in that area due to steep and uneven terrain.

Officials added, other that saving costs, grazing animals have been more environmentally friendly and socially engaging. 

The levee was originally built in 1972 to provide flood damage reduction, as well as recreational features for three miles of the Cumberland River stretching from Interstate 65 to Clarksville Pike north of downtown Nashville.

It has protected an approximately 1000-acre business community.

The vegetation must be managed to meet inspection and maintenance requirements per the Army Corps of Engineers.

For anyone seeking additional information on the Nashville Chew Crew, click here.