ShowerUp Will Bring Hot Showers To The Homeless

Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-22 23:29:44-04

A local nonprofit has been set to roll out a mobile shower unit next month that will provide hot showers to Nashville's homeless.

ShowerUp Nashville unveiled the unit Saturday in Brentwood.

The unit holds three separate, private showers along with a sink and mirror.

The organization will travel to different areas of the city and offer at least 50 hot showers a day to Metro's homeless population.

The non-profit said it wants to bring hope into people's lives.

"The mission of ShowerUp is to build relationships, restore hope and dignity, and show the love of God with those in need by providing them with shower services and personal care," executive director Paul Schmitz said.

The city of Nashville will provide water to the mobile unit by means of fire hydrant.

Schmitz said the mobile unit will connect to the hydrant and water will be heated through a tankless water heater.

After each use, the unit will be cleaned and ready for the next person.

"When you're homeless or when you're in transition, you think what else could happen and you wake up and go, wait a minute I can't get a shower today. That's what we want to do, we want to help people find hope and encouragement and love," Schmitz said.

"This is also an avenue for volunteers, corporate groups, church groups, the community, and others to participate in something that not only fulfills a basic human need but also provides the opportunity for meaningful, supportive engagement," Schmitz said.

ShowerUp will help to meet the hygiene and personal care needs of Nashville's 2000-3000 homeless, many of whom have been living on the street and in tents.

Times and locations of where the unit will be were still being worked out.

A recent study revealed that Nashville's homeless population has risen by ten percent, and Nashville leads the nation with two out of every five homeless citizens classified as "chronically homeless" due to health issues and long-term homelessness.

For more information on ShowerUp, visit them online by clicking here.