Smyrna Says Farewell To Captain Kuss

Posted at 5:01 PM, Jun 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-04 19:26:37-04

Much like the tears that fell Thursday, Saturday morning began with a somber tone. Rain fell as spectators gathered to say a final farewell to the man they believe sacrificed his life for theirs.

"He is a true, true hero," said spectator Crystal Smith. 

Blue Angel # 6, Captain Jeff Kuss, was killed Thursday when his plane went down during practice for this weekend's air show.

Smith and her family were watching from their house.

"I saw it go down, and I just felt connected in a way, just seeing that and experiencing that. He was a hero. I can't help but think of what could've happened," she said. 

His actions and sacrifice likely saved hundreds on the ground.

"I do truly believe that he stayed with that plane," said Smith. 

Wearing blue and yellow, the Smiths joined the crowds Saturday to honor Captain Kuss. His body was escorted from Murfreesboro to the Smyrna Airport.

The procession ended at the airfield's tarmac where Fat Albert, a plane, was waiting. While it's typically used to transport equipment and other Blue Angel personnel, on Saturday it was used to take home the body of Captain Kuss.

"We're praying for you. The city of Nashville is praying for you, we pray for you and your family, God bless," Nashville resident Amy Garcia said. 

Within seconds of taking off, Fat Albert disappeared into the clouds, leaving many Smyrna residents thinking about his family.

"We're praying for them, we appreciate the sacrifice that he made," Smith said.