Soulshine Encloses Patio For Live Music

Previously Shut It Down Due To Noise Complaints
Posted at 5:17 PM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 17:01:23-04

In January, Soulshine Pizza Factory had to shut down its patio after noise complaints.

Too many people complained about the music being too loud on the patio at the business in the 1900 block of Division Street.

"If it's music city, you would think they would want live music outside. But apparently that's not the case for everyone," said Chris Sartin, Soulshine Pizza Co-Owner.

That's a lesson Soushine Pizza owners had to learn the hard way. After years of live music on the patio, the noise complaints started to grow.

"We were forced to shut down by the city and the police for playing music outside," said Sartin.

Soulshine pizza is just one of the several bars that sits on Division street.

Sartin says back in January, the good times stopped rolling. That's when their patio music got confined to the bar, and the owners decided to fire back.

Comical ads have been airing on radio stations throughout Nashville, and Sartin says they weren't going down without a fight.

"We had to take advantage of the fact that we had been shut down, because we've lost close to $1 million in revenue," said Sartin.

But instead of ending the music, Soulshine Pizza figured out a loop hole.

A months long project is will enclose the patio, and make the live music less bothersome to nearby residents.

Sartin said its an expense they were not expecting, but are excited to bring live music on the patio, back to music city.

"It's hurt us, it's hurt us bad. But you can sure bet that we're not going to take it lying down and we're making the adjustments," said Sartin.

Once the patio is finished, music has been scheduled to start up again on June 1.