Spring Hill Firefighters Return Home From Pigeon Forge

Posted at 6:09 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 19:41:05-05

Spring Hill firefighters returned home from battling wildfires in East Tennessee and were greeted by cheering community members.

A group of seven firefighters returned to Fire Station 3 Friday afternoon. Family members and community members lined the driveway to welcome them home.

“It was very humbling to see all this,” said Terry Hood, Chief of the Spring Hill Fire Department. “We are very appreciative of residents to show up like this.”

Chief Hood said the crew spent four days in Pigeon Forge battling flames and going door to door looking for fire victims. He said they worked long days and in challenging conditions.

“We would go take care of the task that was given to us, report back, and then you would be sent somewhere else,” said Chief Hood. “The first night we didn’t get to bed until 4 a.m. and then were back at it at 8 a.m. The first two days were rough on all of us.”

Firefighters agreed, but said they were glad they were able to do their part to help crews in East Tennessee.

“We needed to be there,” said Colby Flint, a Spring Hill firefighter. “We needed to be there to help.  It was important.”

Crews also thanked family members and fellow firefighters for their support. Family members said they were excited and proud to welcome them home.

“This is something really positive that came out of a negative situation,” said Deana Flint, Colby Flint’s wife. “It makes me happy to live here and be a part of it.”

There have been no plans made for Spring Hill firefighters to return to Pigeon Forge.

The city of Spring Hill has also helped organize a relief drive to help collect supplies for fire victims in Gatlinburg. For more information on supplies requested, and where to drop them off, click here.