Spring Hill Police, Fire Fighters Surprise Kids

Posted at 6:06 PM, Aug 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-06 19:23:40-04

Spring Hill Police Sergeant Tim Kennedy arrived at a home on Baslia Lane, but his visit was not an emergency, rather new friends meeting once again.

Cooper, age 5, has always loved police officers. He has worn his own uniform almost every day, and it's a picture of him in it that was posted by his mother that drew the attention Sgt. Kennedy.

"One of our dispatchers had actually reposted a post she put on Instagram," Kennedy explained. 

Kennedy was just back on the job after a motorcycle accident in April. One of his first assignments Saturday was bringing joy to Cooper and his 4-year-old brother, Luke, who's autistic and has a love for fire fighters.

"I can promise you, it brightened our day as much as it did theirs," said Kennedy. 

Kennedy organized a visit to the family complete with squad cars, a canine officer, a SWAT truck, and the Spring Hill Fire Department.

"Just one day, let them forget about everything and let them just have fun," he said. 

"I think people just forget what they're really here for," the boys' mother, Lisa Miller, said. 

Miller has suffered from a debilitating lung disease, and she has spent most of her days in bed.

"I've missed out on a lot, and they have spent a lot of time at home compared to most kids who are at the pool or at a play date," said Miller.

So to her, the Spring Hill officers have truly been the heroes her boys pretend to be, but who knows what lies ahead for them.

"He's got such a bright future, and he's looking at the police still as heroes and that really touches our heart," said Kennedy.