Stranger Redesigns Cancer Patient's Walker

Posted at 11:04 AM, Dec 27, 2016

A cancer patient living in East Nashville received quite the surprise after a stranger answered her request to redesign her walker.

Anne Pa said she was recently diagnosed with cancer and told she would have to use a walker. She initially resisted, saying it was “pure ugly” and refused to use it as a walking aid. 

She posted a photo on Facebook and asked if anyone could help “pimp” it out for her. 

Walter Kent, Jr. responded and surprised her by painting it blue and white – even adding a BMW emblem on the front. 

“Now, I don't mind using the walker and I get so so many compliments,” she said.

Pa said she has since undergone emergency open heart surgery in Atlanta and is currently there getting a second opinion.

However, she said she’ll never forget the generosity of a stranger who made her briefly forget her illness.

“The walker makes me happy to get out. He [Kent] was an angel and never ask for a penny for doing it,” she said.