Surveillance Video Gives Clues In Fatal Shooting

Posted at 10:44 PM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 23:44:42-05

Metro Nashville Police released surveillance video Friday afternoon that could help solve a murder.

Jesiah Lyke was shot and killed in front of his twin brother Jonathan. The two were walking on Bluewater Drive just before 9 p.m. when a black car pulled up next to them.

When Jesiah tried to run away, the suspects fired a shot, hitting him in the neck. He later died from his injuries.

A home surveillance camera captured images of a black car in the same neighborhood 20 minutes before the shooting. 

"It shows it pulling into an area, pulling into a home, two individuals get out, two unknown individuals get out of the car, stay out of the car for a few minutes," said Metro Police detective Jeffery Jobe. 

The video was dark and grainy, but it has been a crucial piece of evidence.

"Because it's a direct link that places individuals we believe are involved in the homicide at the scene, around the time that it occurred," Jobe explained.

The detective said the car in question had some distinctive characteristics about it.

"It was described with dark tinted windows, and it may possibly have a loud muffler, or some kind of funny sound from the vehicle. Could potentially be a Versa or a Sentra," the detective said.

Less than two hours later two men robbed the Mapco at Elm Hill Pike and McGavock Pike. That took place in the same general area of the earlier murder.

"The suspects kind of match the general description in both cases, and the MO on both cases were similar as far as how they carried out the crime," according to Jobe.

No one was injured during the armed robbery at the gas station. Police said they need to get these suspects off the street.

"Obviously if somebody's willing to confront a random person on the street, obviously that kind of raises the danger level a little bit. So it's important that we develop the suspects and try to figure out who they are," Jobe said.

If you recognize the suspects in the videos, or have any information that could help police, call Metro Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME (615-742-7463).