Suspect Who Shot At Deputies Calls Newsroom During Standoff

Posted at 10:10 PM, Oct 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-24 00:16:19-04

In the middle of an hours-long standoff with police, Gary Robinson called the NewsChannel5 newsroom after firing a shotgun at two deputies.

"This guy I've been talking to, I think he said he's a state trooper, we've been talking for a couple of hours," Robinson told NewsChannel5 staff. "He said he wants to talk to me."

The incident began with a fight between Gary and Terry Robinson. The two brothers argued over family land up for auction, when Gary allegedly attacked Terry with a sledgehammer.

"From that point I was laying on the ground, just about unconscious," Terry Robinson said. "I remember him saying I'll go get a gun and come back and kill everybody."

Following the attack, Gary holed up in his home. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded, but Gar Robinson said two Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies approached the door to his home.

"Then this officer gets here, walks up on the porch, and says 'Gary, you need to come out and talk to me,'" Gary said in the phone call. "I says 'No,' and I had this big glass door, and I thought it was locked.”

In the phone call, Robinson said he fired his shotgun at the deputies.

"He about fainted by the back door because he thought he was going to wind up dead," Robinson said.

No officers were hurt. Tear gas eventually drove Robinson peacefully from his home.

He has been facing two charges of attempted murder.