Suspicious Package Turns Out To Be Box Of Love Letters

Posted at 6:38 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 20:16:00-04
In Cross Plains, it still felt like fall and looked like Halloween, which was why an oddly placed Christmas package caused concern among law enforcement late last week.
The 36" cardboard box, covered in wrapping paper, was left in the middle of a driveway at a home off of Highway 31A. The residents who live there called 911 after making the discovery.
"Somebody has put a big box, wrapped like a Christmas present. It says "Open ASAP" and I don’t want to open it. There’s not anybody we know that would leave something like that," the caller could be heard telling a Robertson County Dispatcher.
When authorities arrived they quickly determined the package to be suspicious. 
"You’ve got to call it suspicious. Normally people don’t get Christmas packages on Halloween," said Robertson County EMA Director, R.L. Douglas.
Douglas then used a small scope with a video camera on the end to look inside of the box. Inside he could see two soda bottles, a teddy bear, and two envelopes.
"Love letters. That's all it was," he said.
Cross Plains police officer Logan Abernathy determined the intended target was a young man's heart.
"There were love letters, two love letters, a photograph of a female laying in the river, clothed, and it was an attempt to contact a man she met on Tinder. When he wouldn’t contact her, she left the items on the driveway," officer Abernathy said in an interview.
"I would definitely try another method of working your personal problems out," he added.
Love may take no holiday, but a Christmas present on Halloween was perhaps a gift better left unsent.