Tennessee Rescue Dogs Find New Lease On Life

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-17 23:34:49-05

After rescuing more than 150 dogs in Tennessee, the Animal Rescue Corps' temporary shelter in Lebanon sent out dozens of dogs to shelters across the country with plans to send the rest of the dogs to shelters in order to find new homes through Wednesday.

The dogs were rescued during five different operations throughout Tennessee in the month of January.

“Some of them are still a little timid, some of them are just exhausted,” Scotlund Haisley, the founder of Animal Rescue Corps, said Sunday, adding that the dogs were ready for a new lease on life. “Today is the day we’ve been working towards.”

The dogs will be sent to placement shelters in Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, and Illinois.

“I know 100 percent of these dogs are going to have a positive future, both medically and behaviorally,” Haisley said. “We’ve set them up for success.”

When the animals arrive in their new cities, they’ll continue with medical treatments and behavioral rehabilitation, and when the animals are ready, they will be adopted into their new forever homes.

To learn more about Animal Rescue Corps and to find out how you can adopt one of these animals, you can visit their website by clicking here or click here to visit their Facebook page.