Trucks Stuck For Days Following Snowstorm

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jan 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-24 23:27:06-05

Multiple trucks were stuck for days following Friday's snowstorm in Nashville after slipping on ice in Joelton. 

Many trucks were on the road during the storm despite warnings from officials to stay off of the roadways. 

“It’s kind of like a mailman. Rain, sleet or snow, we got a job to do,” Brittin Lang, one of the truck drivers who was stuck in Joelton, said. 

Brittin's route north through Tennessee did not have him going through Joelton, but an accident changed his route. 

“I was trying to bypass an accident, I looked on my map, it showed a good bypass route, I didn’t know I was going to run into Devil’s curve,” Lang said. 

Devil's curve is the nickname for one of the stretches of road along Whites Creek Pike. “I was climbing the hill, got stuck in the ice, lost my traction, and that was the end of me,” Lang recalled. 

A tow truck came out Saturday morning to try to help the trucks out, but even the tow truck got stuck and had to be helped, so on Sunday night, two days later, the trucks were still sitting on the road, waiting for help.

“Every time I try to move it, the truck wants to slide toward the guardrail,” Lang explained. 

According to Lang, the county won’t treat the road to make it drive-able until the trucks are removed, and the tow company said it won’t remove the trucks until the road is treated. 

“We got the county and tow trucks arguing with each other, each of them saying, you do your job first so I can do mine - we’re just in a stalemate,” Lang said. 

We reached out to Metro Police about the situation, but had not heard back as of Sunday afternoon.