Woman Sentenced In Deadly Jefferson Street Crash

Posted at 12:39 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 19:58:25-04

A woman has been sentenced to 26 years in a deadly car crash in Germantown that killed two men.

A judge suggested 30-year-old Stephanie Ferguson serve 22 years for aggravated vehicular homicide, plus four years for vehicular assault.

According to reports, 23 misdemeanors and one felony played a role in the judge’s decision.

On January 22, 2015, both 64-year-old Willie Nichols and 66-year-old Aaron Hall were killed in a crash on Jefferson Street while stopped at the stoplight at 3rd Avenue North.


An investigation showed Ferguson, driving a red pickup truck, came over the Jefferson Street bridge and hit the white Cadillac Nichols and Hall were in. Six other people were also injured and taken to the hospital.


Willie Nichols, age 64


Aaron Hall, age 66

"There comes a time she has to pay the price,” the judge said during sentencing Friday morning.

Ferguson was still on probation when she caused the crash. She had initially stated someone else was driving the truck when the wreck happened. DNA samples from the airbags showed Ferguson was driving.

Officials also found a syringe on the ground by the truck, as well as blood, cocaine, and Xanax.


During her sentencing, family members of the two men who were killed spoke out.

"I didn't know I'd have to walk down the aisle without my daddy," said Jeanitia Harris, the daughter of Hall. "God gave her chance after chance and this probably saved her life."

“[Willie Nichols] overcame a heart attack and 16 surgeries,” said Sherica  Nichols, his daughter. “He was strong although he'll never walk me down the aisle or see me get my bachelor’s degree."

Nichols’ son, Rico, also spoke Friday saying, “My heart cries out."

Ferguson’s mother, Tamara Weeks, also took the stand saying she wanted to apologize.

"Stephanie has turned her life around," Weeks said. “I think she's taken responsibility."

When Ferguson took the stand she claimed she didn’t qualify for drug treatment.


"I hate that this had to happen to wake me up,” she said. “If I could trade places with the people that are dead, I would."