Local Religious Leader Forms PAC To Get Millennials To The Polls

Posted at 8:51 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 16:40:37-04

After a tumultuous few years in America including protests in cities from Ferguson, Missouri to recently Dallas, Texas a local Bishop is targeting millennials in a call to action video. 

"This generation is in a season of lamenting, they're lamenting a great deal of loss and pain and things that we just can't brush over that and go kumbayah," Bishop Joseph Walker said. 

Walker heads Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, he also leads the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship with more than a thousand churches across the nation.

It was his association with the Fellowship that led to the creation of the PAC. The PAC is not affiliated with Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

To say he's entrenched in the millennial generation may be an understatement.

"A lot of millennials were disenchanted with the whole administration of justice, they felt there wasn't a place for them in the whole political process," Walker said.  

He's now part of a political action committee called Fellowship Unite. The PAC recently released a 30 second video ad depicting violent scenes involving officers and a call to turn outrage to action.

"We need a movement that moves people to action. What are we going to do after we put the signs down, after we get out of the street, what are we going to do," Walker asked.   

The video does not mention any political party and Walker has not publicly backed a certain candidate but minorities and young voters overwhelmingly tend to vote Democrat. Walker, however said this goes beyond party lines.

"We're not pushing any agenda or candidate, we just want people to vote," said Walker. "The stakes are so high that I think to sit back and do nothing and to say, well I don't really know if I have a candidate to vote for so I'm just going to sit this one out, by default you're part of the problem," Walker explained. 

The PAC hopes to register 100,000 new voters by election day. 

"Moving them to a place, saying ok you feel that way, we understand why you feel that way, but what we do next? This is how you do it, you go to the poll, you vote," Walker said.