Local Target Gets Backlash On Bathroom Policy

Posted at 5:06 PM, May 03, 2016

A video posted to Facebook shows multiple Evangelical Christians forced out of what was purported as the Hendersonville Target.

It shows the men yelling through the store, saying things like "Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. It’s time to repent it’s time to get right with God.

Warning, some may find their language offensive.

The video was posted by Holly Taylor who appeared to be checking out in the front of the store.

A store worker escorted the men out, as they continued to yell, and even continued to yell while in the parking lot.

Two weeks ago, the Minneapolis-based discounter issued a statement that said customers and employees can use the restroom or fitting room that "corresponds to their gender identity." The move made Target the first major retailer to take such a prominent position on the issue.

Similar instances like the one in Hendersonville have occurred in Target stores throughout the country.

The video below was reportedly recorded in a store in Portland, Oregon. Again, warning, the video includes harsh and explicit language.

One online petition started by a group called The American Family Association, a conservative Christian advocacy group, calls for a boycott of Target stores.