Madison Woman Fights Back Against Home Intruders

Posted at 7:24 AM, Jun 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-09 01:53:00-04

MADISON, Tenn. – A woman was able to fight back against two home intruders who forced their way into her Davidson County home.

The incident happened shortly before 4 a.m. Friday on Trailwood Circle in Madison. 

Officials with Metro Police said two black males with their faces covered banged on a woman’s door claiming to be police officers.

They forced their way into the home and began assaulting the victim with a gun. Her young daughter, believed to be under the age of 10, was inside the home at the time of the attack.

She was able to fight back, eventually breaking free and chased the suspects out of her home. She fired shots at them, but no one was struck in the incident. 

It was not known why this particular home was chosen or it was specifically targeted. 

A neighbor who was startled to hear about the incident said it makes him think twice before opening the door to strangers at night.  

"It could have been my house and as it so happened it wasn't. But if it was, I have a big surprise for them. So I do not open the door for anyone at night, unless I know who it is," he said. 

The victim was taken to an area hospital where she was treated for cuts to her face.

K-9 units were dispatched but were unable to locate the suspects. Officials have not yet released a description of them. 

Anyone with information was asked to call Metro Police.