Main Street Franklin To See Transformation

Posted at 7:08 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 20:08:14-04

Nicknamed "America's Favorite Main Street", the main stretch of road in Franklin is home to shops and restaurants, but is also expected to make the big addition of a Hilton Hotel soon.

While much of the focus on Main Street is on the areas between Third and Fifth, beyond those streets, Franklin has a lot to offer.

At First and main, Pedego Franklin offers electric bike rentals and sales, and while it doesn't see quite as many customers as in the heart of downtown, the owner has a feeling that will change after constantly hearing one question. 

"Isn't this the place where the new hotel is going?" Kem Harris, owner of Pedego Franklin, recalled. 

Local group Harpeth Associates is planning to put in a building that will house a new Hilton hotel, apartments, businesses, and a parking lot at the corner of First and Main. 

Kem Harris will have to relocate her business Pedego Franklin to make way for the new development, but she is hoping once the new building is complete, she can move into the space and help the area thrive.

"I think it would be a great addition to downtown Franklin," Harris said of the planned development. 

Businesses in the middle of downtown who already see plenty of business are excited for the prospect of growth throughout Main Street. 

"I think it's only going to increase business which is always a good thing," Hollie Rollins, owner of Savory Spice, said. 

Downtown Franklin currently has no major hotels for visitors to stay in, so the new Hilton is expected to not only increase visitors and foot traffic, but expand the footprint of the popular downtown. 

"There are some spaces that are at the end particularly of Mani Street that are underutilized, so I think that it will expand and push forward more shopping and more retail," Rollins said. 

Demolition of the Pedego Franklin building is expected to get underway in the coming weeks, at which time construction on the new development can begin.