Man Accused Of Selling Drugs While Walking 6-Month Old In Stroller

Posted at 3:56 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 16:57:28-04

A man was arrested in Nashville for allegedly selling drugs while walking a 6-month-old child in a stroller.

An anonymous person called in a tip to police and described a man at at the corner of 16th Avenue North and Cockrill street with a child selling drugs.

Officers found Dontae M. Easley at Wheless Street, matching the caller's description and pushing a child in a stroller.

Police said when they talked to Easley, he was nervous and smelled of marijuana. They found a stolen handgun, 12 grams of marijuana in a bag, a 2 gram bag of cocaine, and $1,252 on him at the time.

He was found within 1,000 feet of Robert Churchwell Elementary School which is located at 1625 Dr. D B Todd Jr. Blvd. While in the backseat of the patrol car the defendant openly admitted to selling drugs and having the handgun for protection.

The gun was from Columbia Tennessee.

Easley was charged with Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia, Weapon - Dangerous Felony - poss. of firearm w/intent, Theft - $1000 or less, Drug-Free School Zone, Possession or Casual Exchange, Aggravated Child Endangerment - 8 or younger.