Man Arrested After Woman's Body Found Dismembered, Skinned

Posted at 5:14 PM, Aug 14, 2015

HILHAM, Tenn. - A gruesome discovery has rocked a small Mid-State community.

The incident all started after a woman's body was found in a shallow grave in Clay County Tuesday. Her apparent murder though became even more disturbing after parts of her body were found in a freezer.

Friends identified the woman who was killed as Melisha Mosier. She lived on Logan Spears Road with her boyfriend, 55-year-old Edward Walsh. According to reports, she had been reported missing for about a month.

Her body was discovered by accident by a utility worker installing cable lines Tuesday afternoon.

Strange as it may seem, friends had to see the spot where their friend was found.

Sources told NewsChannel 5 Melisha’s head was found in a shallow grave, while other parts of her body were found inside the freezer of her boyfriend’s home on Logan Spears Rd in Hilham.

She had also apparently been skinned.

“It's just so bad whether she was awake or asleep, but as a friend of mine and I know she's dead and gone, I hope getting all that was bad enough,” Melisha’s friend, Amy Scott, said. “I'm hoping she wasn't awake man to feel it because the torture he done to her was enough.”

Because of the nature of the crime, agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation were called in to help investigate.

The only person charged was Walsh.

“She was well know and had lots of friends, I think he needs to be buried alive,” Amy Scott said.

Neighbors said the two had lived in that home for about two months and could continually be heard arguing with one another.

“Oh my god, I mean how could… how could you cut her flesh off and arms and legs and put them in the freezer?” Amy Scott said. “What kind of guy was this? He don't never need to be on the streets again.”

Walsh was taken into custody Wednesday morning and charged with one count of second degree murder.

He was being held in the Clay County Jail.