Man Arrested In Connection To Rape At Bridgestone Arena

Posted at 5:14 PM, Dec 16, 2016

A man was arrested for allegedly raping his co-worker at Bridgestone Arena.

Officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department arrested 51-year-old Cleotha Washington.

Police said he was responsible for the rape of his cleaning crew co-worker.

Washington was employed by Command Center, service management company. The company's attorney released the following statement after his arrest.

As we discussed, below is a statement regarding your news story and the events that were reported to have occurred last night at Bridgestone Arena.  If you would, please confirm receipt of this email.

We are aware of the events reported to have occurred at Bridgestone Arena yesterday evening, and we are investigating the matter.  We have been in contact with each of our employees involved in this incident, and we are attempting to fully understand what occurred.

We employ approximately 33,000 people every year across the country, and our goal is to provide a safe work environment for each of our employees, without exception.

Regarding background checks, we were not contractually obligated to run criminal background checks on the workers we sent to the arena.

Until we have been able to complete our investigation of these events, we will have no further comment on the matter.