Man Steals Thousands Of Dollars In Hair Extensions From Antioch Salon

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jun 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 12:37:20-04

A burglar got away with nearly $10,000 worth of hair extensions from an Antioch salon.

The man was caught on a surveillance camera taking the merchandise from The Carissa Collection salon. After watching the video, the owner, Carissa Jo, was left feeling sick. 

"It just really hurt. To see that my business out of all other businesses was targeted," said
Carissa Jo.

Carissa specializes in hair extensions and wigs. Many of her patients battle cancer and alopecia.

"In the beginning stage you're not as confident when you start losing hair. Just being able to bring that confidence back to somebody, it feels amazing to me at the end of the day," said Carissa.

However, on Tuesday morning, Carissa felt anything but amazing after she discovered a burglar targeted her salon.

He made off with not only the hair extensions but also the cash register.

"You can't just come and take from somebody that they worked hard for, just because you don't want to work hard. It's just not right," said Carissa.

Though the crime is wrong, Carissa is hopeful someone watching can make it right by contacting the police if they know who's responsible.

"I just want justice, because this wasn't right at all. It's not right at all," said Carissa.

The burglar was dropped off and picked up by a get away driver in a red four door sedan.