Man Without Power After Home Damaged During Storms In Portland

Posted at 10:13 PM, Jun 20, 2015

PORTLAND, Tenn. - The storms that came through Friday night caused a big problem for a resident in Portland.

"I don't know what to do," said Donald Hooper, Sr., whose home was damaged.

The wind snapped a tree in Hooper's front yard and broke a power line connected to his house on Fountainhead Road.

He has been without electricity, and the power company said they can't do anything until the device that holds the wires to the house has been fixed.

To make matters worse, the insurance company said they would not be able to come out until Monday.

"No power,” Hooper said. “I lost my food. I had to give her some of it to keep for me. I got water. That's all I got."

Neighbors have been helping Hooper, as well as the American Red Cross. We were also able to get in touch with an electrician who said he could help Hooper free of charge.

Still, Hooper said he’s worried he could be without power for several days.