Marathon Winner Celebrates With Students

Posted at 10:08 PM, May 02, 2016

A local hero got the chance to celebrate his fourth marathon win with the people who inspire him - his students.

Jack Anderson Elementary School P.E. coach Scott Wietecha spoke with more than 800 students at his school Monday morning.

He celebrated his fourth 1st place finish in Nashville at the Saint Jude Rock N’ Roll Marathon this weekend.

The whole time when I'm running, I'm thinking about y'all because I do not want to lose in front of ya'll, and have to come in and face y'alll, on Monday,” Wietecha said to the students. “But guess what? Even if I did lose, you guys would still support me. You'd still give me high fives. You'd still give Miss Kelly high fives and Miss Hellman high fives because this school supports each other, and we accomplish great things together, and I love Jack Anderson.”

Fellow teachers Mahlon Hellman and Kellie Williams also crossed the finish line on Saturday.