Marijuana Plants Worth Thousands Seized In Springfield

Posted at 5:45 PM, Aug 04, 2015

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. – Large marijuana plants worth almost $90,000 have been seized in two raids in Robertson County.

Officials with the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office said officers recovered ten large plants on Ritchie Vaughn Jackson’s property on Pearl Seay Road back on July 23. The plants have a reported street value of $10,000.

Officers say charges are pending against Jackson. NewsChannel 5 found the 55-year-old in his pool Tuesday.

"I don't know nothing about no bull (expletive)," Jackson said. "I ain't growing nothing."

Jackson said he owns dozens of acres of farmland and has a lot of people work on his property, but he also admits he's been to jail before.

"They not mine, yeah they're gonna charge me, I'm gonna bond out from jail," Jackson said. "I don't feel good anyway. They've got to take care of me," he added.

On Tuesday, investigators also seized 78 plants from locations on Toby Darden Road and Stroudsville Road. At maturity, the street value of those plants was said to be $78,000. 

Officials said charges are pending in that case too.

“These two operations are another example of the hard work and diligence by our investigators,” said Sheriff Bill Holt. “These seizures prevented a considerable amount of marijuana from reaching our streets, and those responsible for growing it will be prosecuted.”

Across the nation, the debate on legalizing marijuana is gaining steam but at least for now, Tennessee law enforcement is ready to prosecute anyone found growing the crop.

"I think the general consensus of the public in Tennessee is they don't want to become another Colorado," said Holt.

Their investigation remains ongoing.