Mayor Announced Council On Gender Equity

Posted at 5:55 PM, Jul 13, 2016

Nashville's first female mayor, Megan Barry, focused on making Nashville more equitable for all residents by announcing the creation of the city’s Council on Gender Equity.

The council will act in an advisory role to the mayor assessing gender inequity issues throughout the city.

They'll also work to develop solutions to fix those problems. The areas they will focus on are economic opportunities, family services, health and safety, and data integration. 

"Inequity that's related to pay in women is something that keeps me awake at night. As the CEO of the YWCA, it fits in my work life it fits in my personal life. You know women are still making 77 or 78 cents on the dollar, women of color are making less, and Latino women, I think, are like 52 cents less. So it's ridiculous and that needs to change,” said Pat Shea.

The council will be made up of volunteers, and will not only research issues like salary and wages, but also family leave, health care, access to affordable high quality child care, and safety.

The council is made up of 45 people including record label owner and White Stripes musician - Jack White.