Mayoral Candidates Make Final Push For Votes

Posted at 5:42 PM, Sep 09, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The two candidates who want to be Nashville's next mayor had a busy election eve.

Megan Barry spent part of her morning outside of Mt. Zion Baptist Church. She stood on the front steps and greeted church goers as they arrived for Wednesday noon services.

"It's a final push to the end. My team, my volunteers, everybody is out there. We're knocking on doors, making phone calls, every vote is going to count, said Barry.

She has spent time in the North Nashville area both Tuesday and Wednesday.

"We're reaching out to all communities. Clearly the African American community is going to have a huge voice in this election, so we're making sure that people know to go vote, and hopefully push that button for me as part of outreach, and has been," Barry said.

The candidate used the few seconds of one-on-one time to try and convince voters to cast their ballots for message she has stood for during this election.

"What this is about is public education, about affordability, it's about neighborhoods, it's about making sure we're safe, and have mass transit. Those are the issues, and that's when the real work starts on Friday," according to Barry.

David Fox spent the lunch hour at the Hill Center in Green Hills. He shook hands with several voters, and passed along the platform he has run on.

"Lets keep growing, lets make sure we're adults and we don't incur more debt than we need to, and lets sure up our quality of life," Fox said.

Fox said he has spent the last few days knocking on doors, and making phone calls, as he rallied support for his candidacy.

"We feel like we've got a lot of momentum, but again, it's who's team is going to show up to vote. I think it'll be ours. We have a very aggressive "get out the vote" effort, we're going to have tons of people just making phone calls," Fox explained.

Like Barry, Fox said every vote will count, and he has spent time trying to win the African American vote.

"We didn't do well in Bordeaux last time, but the conversations I'm having there are tremendous, so we feel good about it, we feel like we have momentum," Fox explained.

Fox planned to cast his vote Thursday morning at the Nashville Fire Department near his home on West End. Barry said she would vote early on Election Day at the Curb Event Center.