Medical Marijuana Scam Hits The Mid-State

Posted: 7:57 PM, Oct 31, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-31 21:06:44-04
Medical Marijuana Scam Hits The Mid-State

A woman became a victim of a new medical marijuana scam that's made its way through mailboxes in Watertown and as a result lost everything.

Day in and day out, the same pain follows her around.

"I feel like I don’t got no life no more, it hurts to do anything," said the Watertown resident.

The Watertown resident didn't want to be identified, but says she got a post card in the mail that she believed would bring some relief to her chronic pain.

"I got the looking at it and I thought, if that would really work, no more pills, no more pain clinics," said the victim.

The National Pain Relief Center of Amsterdam sent her an offer to be apart of its Marijuana Medical Pain Relief Critical Plan. But after making the call, and handing over her bank account information, she started to second think her decision.

"I just had this gut feeling, I just really had this gut feeling," said the victim.

But it wasn't just the gut feeling, once she started to examine the post card, the gig was up.

"It says it’s legal in 50 states, well it’s not legal in Tennessee," said the victim.

NewsChannel 5 spoke with the victims neighbors to see if they got the same postcard in the mail, but their mailboxes were empty. Now the victim is warning others to beware.

"They were making it seem sound so good but at the end I called the bank last night, and the guy told me then and he said you’ve been scammed," said the victim.

The thieves cleaned out her bank account, and in fact over drafted her account.

Now she's hoping her story will help others to avoid the same trap.

Medical marijuana is not legal in the state of Tennessee.The bank says the money should be back in the victim's account in a couple of days.