Metro Mobile Shower For Homeless Nears Milestone

ShowerUp Nears 1,000th Shower
Posted: 10:47 PM, Apr 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-01 23:47:40-04

A local non-profit which provides mobile hot showers to Nashville's homeless community is set to make a big milestone this month.

Since May 2017, ShowerUp Nashville has provided private showers two to three times a week in the city and has continued to grow.

The non-profit is expected to provide its 1000th shower sometime this April since it launched.

"The thing that we're excited about is, kind of keeping in celebration of that, is the fact that we're working on building another trailer so that we can offer more showers," volunteer Mark Miles said.

Since its start, ShowerUp Nashville has provided 950 hot showers and 500 haircuts. Barbers usually provide haircuts for free.

Organizers said a new location in Murfreesboro will start April 7 with a purpose of spreading grace and love.

"We've seen a lot of folks come down and are able to get a shower, and come back and as a result say, 'I was able to get clean. I was able to freshen up and apply for a job interview, and got a job,'" Miles said.

A U.S. Conference of Mayors' Report on Hunger and Homelessness study found 78 percent of Nashville's homeless population are male, while 22 percent are female.