Metro Police Step Up Security For CMA Music Fest

Posted at 9:18 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 22:23:29-04

In order to ensure a good time at the 2016 CMA Fest, city leaders and  festival organizers worked with Nashville police to keep everyone safe. want to keep its visitors safe.

"Inside the footprint area you'll probably see at least one officer maybe two every half block or so, and we'll have one at each intersection probably some inside the closures and around the stadium," said Metro police Sgt. John Bourque.

Before people entered any venue or stadium, officers have been checking bags, and keeping an eye out on anything and everything suspicious. 

They also advised everyone to park smart, and reminded them on how to do that with informative guitar-shaped fans. "We have a saying keep all your valuables like cash," said Sgt. Bourque. 

"You wouldn't leave $500 laying on the table and walk away, so don't leave a $500 phone, Ipad or Ipod."
Other safety tips for visitors of CMA fest included walking in groups, taking your keys with you as well as your purse and staying sober. 

"Most of our people of violent crimes are people who have gotten intoxicated, so they're easy marks for a bad guy," said Sgt. Bourque.

Also, police said if you see something, say something. Stop an officer or call the non emergency number at 615-862-8600.