Nashville Mexican Americans React To Devastating Earthquake In Mexico

Posted at 10:24 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 23:48:35-04

The scenes that came from Mexico City Tuesday mirror the images of the same day, 32 years ago. In 1985 at least 5,000 people perished when an 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck Central Mexico. On Tuesday, about an hour after a ceremony commemorating those tragic events ended, another 7.1 earthquake hit. 

"I started getting text messages from my family members, there was an earthquake. They felt it all the way, 5 hours north of where it hit," Grecia Rodriguez said. 

Inside Plaza Mariachi on Nolensville Pike employees reach out to family and friends in Mexico. The death toll has surpassed 100 and the number keeps climbing. 

"It makes me sad for Mexico, I know how the situation is economically, politically, it definitely breaks my heart to see Mexico hurt that way and seeing the people being devastated," Rodriguez said. 

Diana Rosales' cousin was working inside a hospital in Mexico City when the quake hit. "She mentioned the walls were breaking and the windows were breaking, her chair started shaking really badly," explained Rosales. 

Her cousin is ok but Rosales is now concerned about her friend in Mexico City who she has not heard back from. "She works in a building and I just heard that about 20 buildings collapsed in Mexico City so I just hope she's ok, and everybody, I just keep them in my prayers," Rosales said.