Military Recruiting Office The Target Of Graphic Threats

Posted at 4:57 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 18:00:31-04

A military recruitment office in Murfreesboro received of a potential death list with specific threats to kill, and police have questioned a suspect linked to a very disturbing phone call.

Officials with the Murfreesboro Police Department said graphic verbal threats against military recruitment offices in Murfreesboro are relatively rare, but when they happen the response is immediate and with good reason after what happened in Chattanooga two years ago.

A gunman targeted the recruitment office and military facility killing four Marines. 

"After what happened in Chattanooga, we don't take any threats lightly," said Sgt. Kyle Evans.

In the days after the Chattanooga shootings, civilians took steps to provide security at military recruitment offices across the country, including in Murfreesboro.

"What happened in Chattanooga. I won't happen here. Anyone who comes up to start shooting this place is going to meet resistance," said concerned citizen Tim Guy back in 2015 while on patrol outside the recruiting offices off of Old Fort Parkway.

Guy and the other armed civilians are since long gone, but recruitment offices are still a potential target.

"Our officers responded to the Navy recruitment office," said Sgt. Evans.

This, after a staff member there received a very angry phone call from a suspect who stated to him she is trained with weapons to kill them and she has all of their names on her list.

He stated she told him they would not see her coming.

"Well the threats were of a level concerning to recruiters and investigators," said Evans. "These especially were concerning to investigators because of emotional attachment and the nature of the threat made to recruitment officers themselves."

Newschannel 5 learned police located a suspect they think is responsible for the threatening phone call.

The motive may have something to do with a family member who serves in the military.

The details will now be sent to the District Attorney. So far, no charges have been filed. The Murfreesboro Police Department emphasized that the safety of the recruiters and military servicemen were a top priority for the agency.