Missing pets fill animal shelter after Fourth of July weekend

animal shelter
Posted at 9:48 PM, Jul 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 06:53:43-04

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — While fireworks are a big part of Independence Day celebrations, the displays also result in a lot of missing pets. Now some area animal shelters are dealing with an increased number of stray dogs and cats.

"This year, we got inundated all weekend with calls of dogs running loose," said Dave Kaske, director of Montgomery County Animal Care and Control. "It was a busy weekend."

Montgomery County animal control officers picked up 22 dogs and five cats in a three-day period. Now all the animals are being held at the shelter, waiting for their owners to come retrieve them.

The small shelter was already at capacity before the new residents arrived, so employees were forced to use every inch of free space. Some dogs were temporarily housed in kennels in the bathrooms.

"This really put a lot of stress on not only the shelter, but the staff," said Kaske.

While some of the stray animals were microchipped, some were not. Kaske said microchips play a big role in speeding up the process so lost pets can return home.

"Any dog that enters the facility has to have a microchip before it goes home," said Kaske. "Those that did come in that weren’t microchipped, will have a microchip before they go home."

Kaske also recommended pet owners make sure dogs and cats wear collars and an identification tag with their updated phone number.

He said social media pages play a big role in helping reunite lost pets and their parents. At Montgomery County, Animal Care and Control photos of strays are posted on the shelter Facebook page. Kaske also encouraged anyone in the area with a missing pet to contact the shelter.

Animals without any identification are held at the shelter for three days before going up for adoption. Animals with some form of identification are held for five days. Montgomery County Animal Care and Control is located on N Spring Street in Clarksville and can be reached at 931-648-5750.