MNPD Lieutenant Indicted On Forgery Charges

Posted at 3:57 PM, May 31, 2016

A 14-year veteran with the Metro Nashville Police Department has been charged with two counts of felony forgery.

Lieutenant Ada Thaxter had been on leave since January after the police department’s fraud unit found several letters were sent under another officer’s name. Officials said the letters “disparaged various members of the MNPD.”

One of the letters was dated January 8, the same day Thaxter began serving an eight-day suspension for harassment and inefficient/deficient performance of duties.

After serving her suspension, Thaxter went on medical leave.

Some of the letters were sent to members of the media. They were sent under the name of Sergeant Danny Hale, president of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Hale became aware of the letters and filed a former complaint with the police department.

The Metro Police Crime Lab was able to find evidence connecting the letters to Thaxter.

Evidence was presented to the Davidson County Grand Jury Tuesday. The grand jury indicted Thaxter with two counts of felony forgery.

Thaxter turned herself in after the indictment.

Officials said Thaxter notified the police department on May 5 that she would give up her position on May 17 in order to seek what she called a “medical retirement.”

According to a press release issued Tuesday afternoon, Thaxter was also the subject of an investigation regarding truthfulness being conducted by the Office of Professional Accountability. The investigation was not complete due to Thaxter’s medical leave.