MNPS To Offer Dr. Looney Competitive Contract

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jul 22, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - It seems as though only formalities remain in making Dr. Mike Looney the next Director of Metro Schools.

“I'm not a psychic, but I think he's going to sign,” Metro School Board chair Sharon Gentry said.

It's a decision, most on the once-divided board, seem to rally around.

“He had glowing reviews throughout and there was a lot of praise for him,” board member Jill Speering said.

Board members authorized an extensive background check and visited Williamson County Schools Monday to do some digging of their own.

“Having spouses that had actually taught in Metro and then gone to Williamson County that it was a step up in expectation,” board member Mary Pierce said about the feedback she received during the site visit. “So he said you know, you're going to be in for some transition because he really does set the bar high.”

As for the allegations concerning missteps in how Looney handled an employee who was subsequently convicted of being a peeping tom, “I did not see any merit to the allegations received in the anonymous e-mail that we received,” board member Amy Frogge assured the board.

The glowing recommendations cleared the way for contract negotiations. Dr. Looney is being offered $285,000 per year for four years. It's what he requested and is more than the $266,000 Dr. Register received.

“It's a very good contract. I'll be very clear about that,” Gentry said. “The amenities...the Nashville contract is generous.”

It's a competitive contract the board expects will lure Dr. Looney away from Williamson County.

Wednesday, the district was one step closer to it being a done deal.

Thursday the Metro School Board will vote on officially hiring Dr. Looney. His decision is expected as early as Friday. If Dr. Looney declines Metro's offer then they will have to start the search process all over again.