Mobile Mechanic Sings While He Works

Posted at 7:41 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 20:41:51-04

A Nashville mechanic has combined his two passions to make one musical experience for his customers.

You can't help but notice when Billy Devereaux's truck pulls up.  He's a mobile mechanic, but that's not all. You see this mechanic on wheels also sings, and he does it while he works.

Devereaux says he started working on cars when he was just 12 years old.  "My daddy made sure I could work on cars because he had plenty of them, and we lived on a farm and he didn't want to have to pay a mechanic," he said.
He also sang but didn't pursue it at first.  "I was a boxer, a kickboxer, a Kungfu teacher and got beat up," Devereaux said.  "Finally when I was about 40 I got beat up real good, and I said you know what I think I'll go sing."

Eventually his two crafts collided.  "I was on stage one night and I was about broke, and I needed some work so I said if anybody needs some work done on their car let me know because I'm a mechanic," said Devereaux.
He works seven days a week, but he also found time to cut his own CD titled Last Breath.  Customers like Sammy Cossairt say they feel his passion.  "He lives and breathes music,' she said. "He's a mechanic everyday, but you can tell after talking to him his main goal is singing."

In addition to all the tools Devereaux keeps on board he keeps a stash of cds, and when the work is done he gives one away to his customers free of charge.  Only in music city will you find that kind of service.

One of Devereaux's songs actually sat at number one all last summer on  If you'd like to contact him you can find his webpage here