Mother Reacts To Unlicensed Security Guards Involved In Son's Death

Posted at 5:59 PM, Dec 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-19 20:08:55-05

Two investigations are underway surrounding a deadly shooting outside an east Nashville hookah bar more than a week ago.

A Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance spokesperson said that investigators will 'get to the bottom' of the problem after two of the security guards involved had no license with the state.

"It's something we're going to be looking at and looking at carefully," said Public Information Officer Kevin Walters. 

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said 30-year-old Jason McClain was shot and killed after being escorted out of Cloud IX due to an altercation inside. He reportedly grabbed a gun from his vehicle and fired at the security guards. 

The guards claim they fired back in self-defense. 

A quick license verification through the state showed that 28-year-old Tarryn Williams had an expired license. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Brandon Transou had no license on record. 

Officials Say 2 Security Guards In Fatal Shooting Were Not Licensed

It is required to have a license to work as security guard in Tennessee. 

"Having any kind of license establishes a minimum standard so that whenever you go in and you are trying to do a job that we regulate, we know some background information about you and that you met certain educational qualifications," added Walters.

The investigation could result in steep fines. 

"Now in my book that's a murder. That's just like two dudes on the street shooting at one another and somebody gets killed. That is a murder because you had no business out there," said Arvella Minter, McClain's mother. 

Minter claimed that her son was the one acting in self-defense after an altercation with another employee over personal issues.

"My child did not do what they say they did. Jason is not that kind of a person, he just wasn't," she said.

In a post to her Instagram account that has since been made private, the club owner said McClain never got into an altercation inside nor was he asked to leave.

She said he did get into an argument outside but was not the aggressor.

The same post also stated two of the guards did not draw their guns or return fire.

The state said the security company was Pro-Tect Security operated by Demetrius Tucker.

The company's address is listed at a residential home in east Nashville, according to the Davidson County Clerk. 

While it has an active license now, business records through the Secretary of State showed that a Pro-Tect Security and Bodyguarding LLC under Tucker had its license revoked nearly two years ago.

While an investigation with police continued, a spokesperson said there is nothing to indicate that the shooting was not in self-defense.

No charges have been filed.

The owner Cloud IX did not respond to requests for comment. 

Tucker's contact information was not immediately available.