Mothers, Families Honored With Free Photo Shoot

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-13 19:00:26-04

A photographer in Lebanon used her time and talent to showcase mothers and their families on Mother's Day with free photo shoots. 

Brooke Harrison has been a photographer for five years and a member of Generation Changers Church. 

She sent mailers and posted to social media before the weekend about taking free pictures as a way to give back to mothers.

"You're never going to have this moment ever again. You'll never look the way you do even in the future, so just remembering today and honoring mothers that way is really special," Harrison told NewsChannel 5. "It's always hard to get the family together for a big photo shoot, so Mother's Day is the perfect day to do that."

She and another friend set up tents outside the church over the weekend where families lined up after services.

One of them was Tammy McCormick, a grandmother of two. She said the photo shoot helped add joy to her life as she deals with her own mother being sick in the hospital.

"It's fun to have this, and I'm glad they're doing it for everybody," McCormick said. "She is a fighter, and she is pulling through everyday and getting stronger everyday."

About 200 people were part of the photo shoot. Harrison hopes to do it again next year.