Motorcycle Thieves Target Home Of Officer

Posted at 6:34 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 19:45:39-04

A group of teens is believed to have broken in to an officer's home to steal more than six small motorcycles.

Chris Clawson is an officer at Vanderbilt University. Some daring motorcycle bandits stole the bikes from the officer's garage while he and his family were asleep inside.

"I got the call early in the morning that the house have been broken into," said Clawson.

Clawson responds to emergency calls, but usually not to his own home in response to a gang of brazen thieves.

"I think at least five to seven of them," said Clawson.

He arrived home overnight to find a large number of Metro Nashville Police officers already outside of his Hermitage home.

It had been burglarized. Sure Clawson is an officer, but he wasn't surprised.

"It can happen anywhere at any time for any reason," he said.

The thieves used something to pry the garage door open and started removing his motorcycles -  not starting them but, pushing them silently through the grass - all with Clawson's family asleep upstairs.

"The kids heard something, but thought it was another one of them making noise downstairs and didn't focus on what was going on," said Clawson.

Metro officers arrived and actually spotted a couple of the accused thieves a few blocks away pushing two of the stolen bikes.

At that moment, the suspects dumped the bikes and ran. A K-9 unit called to the scene tracked one of them down hiding in the woods. He was taken into custody.

Another suspect was also spotted riding a small stolen Honda 50. He tried to escape by speeding across busy Lebanon Road, narrowly missing other cars, but was then caught.

"It doesn't make me mad. I'm just glad no one was hurt. I do want them caught and I want my items returned. I will prosecute," said Clawson.

In all, seven motorcycles were stolen. Four have been recovered. Clawson said he's still missing a 4-wheeler, his Harley Sportster and a dirt bike.

Two juveniles were taken into custody and officials believed there may be more arrests.